Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Winter Rosary Walks

I am not a fan of winter. The cold is terrible, and snow is no fun to drive in, but what has really been bad the last couple of weeks is the ice everywhere. However, I haven’t let that stop me from doing my lunchtime rosary walk, and the perfect rosary to use is the cuddly rosary Ma Hat made for me – the prototype, not the giant one. (Did I ever post a photo of the giant one? Perhaps I have been remiss in that regard. I will rectify that soon.) The beads are big enough to use while wearing gloves, and because it is soft, it easily fits into a coat pocket. Today the temperature was 24 F and supposedly felt like 16 F with the wind chill, but I went for my walk and found it wasn’t that bad. The sun was out, and it felt good to get some sunshine, fresh air, and exercise, even if it was a bit nippy. Rosary Ladies, if any of you are reading this, the cuddly rosaries from Ma Hat are perfect for winter praying outside. Anyone else reading this, let me know if you would like a cuddly rosary to pray while walking in winter. They are also perfect for praying in bed.

Famous Hat

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