Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Not Powerball Winners

Well, Travalon and I did not win the Powerball drawing. I did once buy a ticket when the jackpot was large, and I matched the Powerball, so I won $2, which was what the original ticket cost. Today Travalon bought a ticket, and we just compared the numbers now, but not one of them matched. It looks like tomorrow I will be going to my job, and the day after that, and the day after that. Or actually not that day, since that's Saturday. Good thing I kind of like my job. Let someone who really needs it win the Powerball - Travalon and I don't actually need a billion dollars, or whatever ridiculous amount the jackpot was up to. We aren't starving.

Today Travalon found out on MyFace that a friend of his had died. He now has three friends on there who are dead, but their pages are still up. I have a contingency plan for this blog in the case of my unfortunate demise: I have put my password into an envelope, which I will give to Richard Bonomo. He can put a message on this blog that I have passed on. So watch this space if you are wondering whether I am still alive.

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