Friday, January 8, 2016

Strict Health App

Light Bright found a health app that she wanted us to download, and it was free, so yesterday I did. It turns out Jilly Moose also uses this app, and Tiffy is interested in it, so maybe there will be a group of us doing it. Yesterday I didn't eat that much, so I actually had 300 spare calories, even though I didn't get anywhere near the app's goal of 10,000 steps. Today I was doing alright, even after a small piece of coconut cake Handy Woman had made in honor of two birthdays (mine and another coworker's). This evening Travalon, Jilly Moose, and I went to an old-school diner for fish fry, but I got the grilled perch, and then cottage cheese and broccoli for my two sides, and according to the health app I still had about 300 calories to spare. Jilly Moose looked up small malts on her phone, and she thought they would be about 250 calories, so I ordered a small chocolate malt. However, when I entered it into my app, it was a LOT more than that, so I had to work off over 200 calories. After Travalon and I came home, he put on a DVD we are currently watching called "The Dukes of September," featuring Boz Scaggs, Michael McDonald (of Doobie Brothers fame), and Donald Fagan (of Steely Dan fame), singing their own hits and other wonderful songs, like "Who's That Lady?" I ran and ran to the music, and I did manage to burn off all those calories, after almost 14,000 steps. But this app is going to kill me! We'll see if I actually lose any weight following its strict dictates...

Famous Hat

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