Thursday, January 28, 2016

MyFace Fights

Perhaps I am a more combative person than I’d realized, because I seem to be getting into it with people on MyFace. Once Hardingfele posted something kind of antireligious, so I posted a comment about why her post was offensive to us believers, and then another friend of hers who was a rabid atheist (but who has apparently since become a Catholic) really got into it with me. Then my Dear Brother always posts anti-Packer things, and when I post a comment objecting, his fanatical Vikings follower buddy gets into it with me. This last time Dear Brother posted a list saying, “Can I get an amen for these?” and one of the things on the list was keeping abortion legal. I wouldn’t normally bother objecting to a pro-abortion post on MyFace, but I did think it was offensive to use religious terminology to push a baby-killing agenda. Of course some friend of his immediately got into it with me, which makes me wonder if the common denominator in this problem is MyFace or me. Do I just like to argue? I am generally not interested in stirring up drama, but boy when someone posts something offensive, I just can’t seem to stop myself from pointing out why it is offensive. And which is stranger, that these other people want to argue so badly, or that the original posters (Dear Brother and Hardingfele) seem puzzled that there even is a point of view other than the one they originally posted? Because they both seemed surprised that I would find the original posts objectionable. Or are they doing it on purpose to get lots of comments on their posts? I sometimes wonder with those two…

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