Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bleak Midwinter

Yesterday morning I was doing my prayers when Travalon came in and said, "What a way to start the new year! David Bowie is dead!" I was shocked, since he had just had a birthday two days earlier, and I hadn't heard he was sick... but as it turns out, nobody really knew he had terminal cancer. Travalon is a big fan and once saw Bowie perform live in Moline, IL. Right now he is watching a DVD of Bowie in concert. It is already kind of depressing right now because it is so cold, and everyone is taking down their Christmas lights. The holidays are over, but it will be months before it is warm out again. Today at work I was so overwhelmed with tasks that I called Travalon, and he came and took me out to lunch at the Laurel Tavern. That made for a wonderful break in an otherwise bleak day. Walking to Irish class, I was so cold that I had to hide my face in my coat. Winter is definitely not my favorite season!

Famous Hat


Travalon said...

Very sad about Bowie, another legend of classic rock gone. It's going to be very bleak for awhile now, gotta do what we can to enjoy life and get through this upcoming awful bitter cold stretch. I am currently enjoying a Parisian hot chocolate at the Chocolaterian. Simple pleasures of life are most important this time of year! Got one for you too, Famous Hat, if it tastes ok reheated.

Famous Hat said...

I didn't reheat the chocolate, but it was fine cold, like pudding. Thank you so much for this delicious addition to a long, hard day.