Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ode to January

Sorry that I didn’t blog yesterday, it’s just that I had nothing to say. Remember the days when I was wildly creative on this blog? Yeah, me neither, but I do feel like my older posts were a little more interesting than my most recent ones, which are all either a recounting of my weekends or what I’m doing for exercise. Speaking of exercise, I was surprised to find out that on an average day at work, I walk two miles in my short jaunts around the building. That doesn’t even include the mile walk I try to take at lunch most days, though not when it is so cold outside. Today was a little warmer, but I must have forgotten my cuddly rosary in the jacket of another coat, because it wasn’t in my backpack, so I didn’t take a rosary walk outside. I just closed the door of my office and sat on the comfy couch my former boss rescued, and that’s how I prayed the rosary. See, isn’t this an exciting blog post? Maybe it’s time for another poem:

I’ve got nothing to say,
It was an average day
And the weather is cold,
Which is getting quite old.
It can sure seem
Like a January dream
That goes on and on
Until your sanity is gone.
I used to think
January didn’t stink
Because, you know, hey,
It contains my birthday.
But then I got older,
And it seems even colder,
So why bother to be true
To a month that makes me blue?
I’d like January fine
If I were drinking wine
On the shores of the sea
Underneath a palm tree!

Famous Hat

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