Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How the Packers Ended Their Season

I hope my readers had a great weekend. Mine was a long one, because I got Martin Luther King Day off of work. So why didn’t I blog with that extra time? Who knows? Laziness, I guess. Saturday Travalon had to work until the early afternoon, then we drove out to Sauk City to see bald eagles. We did see one bald eagle, and an old friend of mine I hadn’t seen in over a decade, although we are MyFace friends. We also went to Mass out there that evening, so that we could sleep in on Sunday and not face the -6 F weather. In the evening we went to Cold Fusion to watch the Packers playoff game. Once again Aaron Rodgers threw a Hail Mary pass, this time to Janis, to get them into overtime. Unfortunately the Cardinals won the coin toss and easily scored a touchdown, so that’s how our season ended. Still, it wasn’t a terrible one, just very uneven at times.

Sunday Travalon and I holed up at home until late morning, when we ventured out to the Northside Restaurant for brunch. He thought about going to the Badgers basketball game but didn’t want to face the long, cold walk from wherever he could find parking to the Kohl Center, so we watched it on TV. The Badgers won by one point! It was against Michigan State (I think…?), a very good team. In the evening we went to a young couple’s house to play a role-playing game, which I had never done before. As I may have mentioned, my character is a bard named Iconostasia. This game is so much fun because it’s all about cooperation, not competition. Whenever one of us would get into trouble, all the others would see how they could help. That’s my kind of game!

Yesterday Travalon had to work, so I met Richard Bonomo for coffee before my adoration hour, and then afterwards he and I worked out. I generally avoid the health club during January because there are so many New Year’s resolution people there (but they give it up for Lent, so it’s safe to go back then), and indeed it was packed. The kids must have been off of school too, because there were tons of them there, many seemingly unsupervised. Antoshka is visiting from Ukraine, so I talked to him back at Rich’s house while Rich made us real hot chocolate. He says life back in Ukraine is a little tense, with the Russians trying to take the place back over. I can imagine! I got home just before Travalon and took Rodney on a very cold walk, then we spent a quiet evening at home. At least it is a little warmer today…

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