Thursday, February 4, 2016

Too Restless for Pandora

I have gotten back into listening to Pandora, the online music program, at work, and today is my Irish roots music day, but for some reason they intersperse a lot of zydeco on that station. I guess, why not? Irish jigs and reels are as fast-paced as zydeco. However, I have realized my current job is not that conducive to listening to Pandora, because I am up and down and in and out a lot, which means I either have to pause the music or risk missing something good. Truly, I am not one for sitting still. At my last job, Light Bright and I would spend at least an hour a day wandering, under the guise of “going to the other building to deliver mail,” and I do miss that. It was when we used to come up with topics for me to blog about. At my current job we only have one building, and it is not that big either, but going up two flights of stairs is easier to deal with than going up seventeen, and so I do stairs a lot more at this job. Also, I have an office at one end of the building but regularly have to go do bookkeeping stuff in the accountant’s office at the other end of the building, and of course there are my hourly trips to the restroom and/or water fountain. This must be why, according to my iPhone, I travel two miles a day on an average day at work, not even including the mile walk at lunch. Imagine what kind of mileage I got at my old job! I must not be the kind of person they had in mind when they created Pandora.

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