Monday, February 22, 2016

Muppet Show Weekend

This was a very quiet weekend for Travalon and me, since he is suffering from a cold. He had bought a DVD of Season One of The Muppet Show, and we watched the first half of that on Friday night while I ran in place. Saturday morning I went over to Light Bright’s house to meet her three-month-old son, who was very cute and smiley when I got there. We took him for a walk, and he didn’t like that much, so he started to fuss. We went home, and he fell asleep on her as we talked, then he ate and was cute and smiley again. Light Bright said, “This is the endless cycle.” After that, Travalon and I took Rodney for a walk in Pheasant Branch, since it was such a beautiful day for this time of year, and in the evening we went to a Knights of Columbus smelt fry with Cecil Markovitch, Antoshka, and Richard Bonomo. I ate so much smelt, popcorn shrimp, and cheesy potatoes (not to mention the homemade desserts!) that I had to run for a total of ten miles while we watched the second half of The Muppet Show. It really was a funny show, very random and with lots of adult jokes that I didn’t get back when it was first on TV. Sunday was another quiet day, although I did pray the rosary and then go on a walk with Luxuli. The other Rosary Ladies are down in Arizona right now. Travalon said I should blog about watching The Muppet Show, and really, that is about all I have to blog about regarding this weekend. Last night I ran in place while watching Downton Abbey. Getting enough exercise to satisfy this health app is a real pain sometimes, but it seems to be working – the scale says I am down fifteen pounds!

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