Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hangin' Out with Zoe

While OK Cap is on vacation, she asked Travalon and me to take care of her cat Zoe. Since we are both animal lovers, we didn't mind, and Travalon particularly misses spending time with a cat ever since Callie died. OK Cap had said that Zoe wasn't a very friendly cat, but from our short visits to fill her food and water dish and scoop out her litter box, we could see that she was lonely so tonight we went over there and hung out for a while. We both have colds, so I didn't go to work or Irish class today, and I'm so stuffy that a little cat allergy would hardly faze me. Travalon and I walked in the door, and Zoe immediately greeted us. She was clearly starved for attention, so we sat on the couch, and she sat between us and let us pet her. We stayed there for about three quarters of an hour, until she got tired of us and walked away. We took that as our cue to go home. It was fun hanging out with a beautiful Siamese cat for a little bit, and we'll be seeing her again very soon.

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