Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Afternoon Musings

At times like this I really miss Light Bright, because on Friday afternoons we would go on a long walk to deliver mail to the other building, and along the way we would talk about silly things that almost always led to a creative blog post for me. Today she texted me to ask how long I had been gone, and I realized it will be three years in June. Was that when this blog took a turn for the boring? Maybe I should have given her cowriter status on the blog before that, though I did always give her credit for her ideas. The only remotely interesting thing that happened to me today was that I got a thank you card from my Irish teacher, which is of course all in Irish and handwritten to boot, so I’m not 100% sure what it says. I also had a dental appointment, and they took eighteen x-rays of my mouth. Eighteen! Is that even safe?? If I glow tonight, you’ll know why. On the plus side, they did say my mouth looked very healthy and that I was at a very low risk for cavities. I thought it was funny that the hygienist took all those x-rays and then took my blood pressure, which by then was slightly elevated. Nothing dangerous, but higher than it usually is. But who wouldn’t have their blood pressure go up after having those things you have to bite down on stuck in their mouth eighteen times? I mean, who doesn’t have their blood pressure go up after torture, even if you know it’s torture for your own good? Grammar Check wants to change the “it’s” in that last sentence to “its,” which is not grammatically correct, but then that sentence is very strange, starting in the third person plural and ending in the second person singular, although that is how we speak colloquially in English. How anyone ever learns this language is beyond me. From playing around on Duolingo, I have decided that Irish is a very strange language, but English is far stranger.

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