Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Who Ya Gonna Believe?

Today I was home  sick with a cold, but I did dial into a conference call. Unfortunately I do not know how to mute my cell phone, so the other people were no doubt treated to a lot of coughing. I also looked at the big book on music that Travalon gave me for Valentine's Day, and the first thing I read appeared to be inaccurate. It was about Vivaldi and involved his birth order, not anything to do with music really, but it made me wonder about the rest of the book. What do you think, readers? If the first fact you find in a book seems to contradict everything else you have ever read, even if it has nothing to do with the basic content of the book, would you trust any of the rest of it? It is a very large book full of very many facts that I couldn't easily verify, although now with the internet it is easier to look things up. Then again, how accurate are things on the internet? This book was published by the Smithsonian, so you would think it was trustworthy, so does that mean all the other sources I read (good old-fashioned books back in the days before the internet) were wrong? I guess what it comes down to is, who can you trust? Maybe it doesn't matter if Vivaldi was the oldest or the youngest kid in his family, or even smack in the middle (which nobody has claimed yet), but then how can I trust the information I know even less about? Oh, I am so confused!

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