Friday, April 30, 2010

MC Hat: Word to Yoe Brim

At long last, here is my hip hop song "Word to Yoe Brim," recorded on Garage Band. The video was recorded on iMovie and Photo Booth, and I really did steal the bass line from Buxtehude - it's the first few notes of his Christmas cantata "Das Neugeborne Kindelein." Here are the words:

To the H, to the A, to the T, that's me:
I'm fresh MC, and my flow is free!
All these haters wish I'd blow away,
But I'm here to stay, and this is what I say:

No way, no way, no way (x3)
Oh no, can't stop my flow!

I ain't frontin', got a brim so wide,
All you haters better step aside!
You can't keep the sun off anyone's face,
So don't step up to me or I'll put you in your place!
I own my own penthouse and you can't pay yoe rent.
I'm just intonation and yoe equal temperament.
I'm hotter than Venus, more enlightened than Buddha,
And I stole this bass line from Buxtehude!


I bathe in champagne 'cuz I'm such a hottie.
I drove my monster truck over my spare Bugatti.
Yo! Word to yoe brim, 'cuz this hat's so fly,
That my flow ain't never gonna die!


Famous Hat

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