Saturday, May 1, 2010


Today my besty Tiffy and I went to a mead-tasting event to raise money for the local early music festival, and of course early music always make me think of hip hop so I was quoting Ludacris and Usher and Pitbull. I said that was some of their poetry, but Tiffy thought I said "hoetry," which inspired us to create the following hip hop song. The video stars Siddhartha, the Turtle of Enlightenment, who really has nothing to do with the song. Here are the lyrics:

She got ten-inch heels and a twelve-inch skirt,
All the G's in the place was lookin' at her.
She got legs that don't quit and morals that don't start,
And I think Shorty went and stole my heart.

Hoetry! Hoetry! That's what she's got!

She got the love potion,
She's hoetry in motion,
When she walks, her booty rock like the ocean.

Hoetry! Hoetry! That's what she's got!

She ain't no hoe, she's so much moe,
She's hoetry in motion.

Hoetry! Hoetry! That's what she's got!

Since this song is clearly from a male's perspective, we recorded our voices on the low setting. Also, we didn't know that the urban definition of the word "hoetry" was "the art of pimping" until we had already wasted two hours creating our song and video.

Famous Hat

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