Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bad Bunny

Last night Travalon and I watched the College Championship game between Ohio State and Oregon, or the “Bucks” and the Ducks. I love that the two teams who made it had such non-tough mascots – isn’t a buckeye a nut? And ducks aren’t exactly tough – and also that they were both schools that focus on academics. It serves those football factory schools down south right that they got eliminated. My boss is a huge Ohio State fan, while Travalon was rooting for Oregon. I didn’t really care and honestly spent all of third quarter dancing around and listening to my iPod while watching the game, since I needed some exercise. It had been a frustrating evening for me, because we had bought some wire shelves to put my plants on, and I had tried to put them together by following the instructions, but they were very wobbly. I didn’t feel secure putting my plants on them, which means they are still on the floor of the plant room, and that of course means that Cashmere is still locked in her cage. Originally she had been reluctant to walk on the tile in the room, so we put down some carpeting remnants for her to walk on in a route that kept her well away from the plants. Lately she had figured out the tile is fine to walk on, so before I realized it, she had eaten half a bromeliad and part of a dracaena. Apparently these plants are not toxic, because she is no worse for wear, but I don’t want to subject the plants to more of her mastication. That is why she now has to stay in her cage all day long, which must be a boring life, but until we can figure out what is wrong with these shelves (is it user error or are they badly built?), she has to stay in there.

Famous Hat

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