Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Window Garden

Now that the polar vortex has returned for a second winter in a row, we all need some reminder of better days ahead. I bought a "winter whites garden" from Trader Joe's with tulips, hyacinth, paper whites, and crocuses that were all supposed to bloom white. They are all blooming now, and they smell wonderful, but the crocuses bloomed purple! Although today I see a new bud for a white crocus. With the pink cyclamen Travalon gave me long ago which has recently rebloomed and the dark green jade plant Handy Woman gave me, they make a lovely window garden.

In case you are wondering about the fate of these flowers after they are done blooming, I am going to plant them in Richard Bonomo's garden. The tulips, crocuses, and hyacinth are definitely hardy to Zone Four, or whatever we are in. Does anyone know about the paper whites?

Famous Hat

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Famous Hat said...

Here is what Pa Hat has to say:

You are in growing zone 6a.
Paper-whites are a Narcissus a member of the same family as the daffodil and are very versatile. Inside these require no soil. The bulb has everything necessary so the plant can grown in rocks or marbles. If you plant the bus outside, after they finish blooming, you can plant them in a sunny place in a garden. The bulbs will get nutrients from the soil and bloom again and probably spread. Look for lots of flowers.

Happy day 12 of Christmas.