Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Stream of Consciousness

Sorry for my silence the last couple of days. Part of it is that I have just been so busy, and another part of it is that I really haven’t thought of anything too interesting to say. One of the things that has been on my mind lately is my old car Erin Caitlyn O’Honda. When I realized I’d forgotten the parking sticker for our church on her, the insurance people told me where she was, and that she wasn’t scheduled to be sold at auction until this coming Monday. I was able to get the sticker, which they sent me via Fed-Ex, but there is still some little part of me that thinks, “I could go rescue Erin. There’s still time.” It’s very hard for me to let go of things, especially since she was still drivable and they are probably going to sell her for parts. It’s like letting an old friend die. But what would I do with a second, very banged-up car? Noelle is a very good car, and at some point I may even try out her CD player. Erin hasn’t had a working CD player since like 2008, which is when (and why) I started getting into the hip hop played on the radio instead of my salsa CDs. Maybe it is time to get back to CDs. The local hip hop station plays Taylor Swift now, so its purity is a little questionable. On the other hand, if you listen to CDs all the time, you never hear the new music coming out, and some of it is really great stuff. I know a lot of my friends may not agree, but just because we’re Gen X (or older!), we don’t have to be stuck in a time warp when it comes to music. I personally love the latest Ne-Yo jam, and I never would have heard it if I’d only listened to CDs. So I’ll put up with a little Taylor Swift sneaking into the lineup for the chance to hear a new song that just might become my new favorite.

Famous Hat

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