Thursday, January 29, 2015

OK Cap's Pool

Last night Travalon and I were thinking of going swimming at our health club, but OK Cap invited us to swim in her pool, and since it’s about 20 feet away from us, we took her up on the offer. The pool is not quite as warm as the therapeutic pool at our health club (which is the one Travalon prefers), but it was definitely not too cold. Travalon said he felt like we were swimming in a hotel pool, and it did kind of look like one, with lots of windows around it, and poolside furniture and fake potted plants scattered along the sides of it. The pool was L-shaped and had a deeper end than the therapeutic pool, which is so shallow I can wade the entire length of it. Also, there was nobody else there, which is a little surprising since it’s such a nice pool in a large condo complex. OK Cap thinks most of the people who use it are either retired and go around 10 am while the rest of us are working, or children, who show up on the weekends. Her complex also has a really fine outdoor pool too, though of course this time of year it is closed. I am just happy to be getting back into swimming, although doing aerobics seems to have been working – I looked better in my swimsuit than I have in ages! Eating less may be helping too, but man, this constant hunger is going to drive me batty. I’d rather swim away the fat than starve it away.

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