Wednesday, January 21, 2015

More Badger Basketball

Last night after Irish class, I met up with Travalon and we went to the Badger basketball game. They were playing the Iowa Hawkeyes, and we figured it would be a good game, playing against another Big 10 team. However, the Badgers pulled ahead early and were soon 30 points ahead of Iowa, so they really shellacked them. There was an Iowa player named Uthoff or something like that who was booed every time he came out on the floor. Travalon asked the guy next to us why the fans hated him particularly, and he told us Uthoff came here as a freshman and was red-shirted, but then the next year he went to play for Iowa because our academic standards were too hard, or something like that. I was not as caught up in this game as the Duke one, since I am once again dieting and have little energy. I’m always hungry, and my brain is in a fog – during Irish class I had no clue what was going on. However, this is necessary because I gained a lot of weight after getting married (which everyone says is normal) and some more during the holidays (which everyone says is normal), and I wasn’t exactly thin to begin with. All the women at work have given up sugar for their New Year’s resolution, so I have too, except for special occasions. Of course, this month is a bad one because of birthdays, but now there shouldn’t be anything until Richard Bonomo’s birthday. I’ll eat some cake then. Anyway, I am down a few pounds, so maybe it is working.

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Travalon said...

I was very happy that you went to the game with me, the Badgers are having a truly amazing season ! We got lucky with the ticket situation too, my negotiating skills with the guys selling them outside seem to be a little better than they were years ago. Maybe the next one you come along with me to will be an earlier start. It all depends on tv coverage times. Hopefully they will get back to the Final Four in March and win it all !!