Monday, January 5, 2015

My Birthday and Downton Abbey

Friday night Travalon and I went out for a romantic dinner at the Mariner’s Inn. The maître d’ remembered that we lived across the street, which sort of surprised me, since we have only been there a few times. I said it was my birthday (technically birthday eve, but close enough), and they gave me a free dessert. I also had a delicious drink called something like Chocolate Beyond All Reason. Calories don’t count on your birthday, right?

Saturday I turned… a year older. Travalon gave me presents first thing in the morning: a gift card to my favorite chocolate shop, a book about the making of The Princess Bride, and a Fat Albert lunch box. He gives the best gifts! We decided to go for coffee at MNM in Waunakee instead of our usual place, and OK Cap joined us. She gave me some shortbread shaped like little Scottie dogs and a Celtic Christmas CD. Later in the afternoon Travalon and I used some of my gift card at DB Infusions, where they give you a free piece of chocolate on your birthday. In the evening Richard Bonomo hosted a party for me and made chicken and eggplant parmesan. Lute Player and her husband got sucked into some cat conversations with Hardingfele – that’s her #1 favorite topic. Mr. N’Awlins, the single B-Boy, Kathbert, Luxuli, Prairie Man, and of course Travalon were among the guests. We had deep conversation over black magic birthday cake, and I even got a few presents: a rubber duckie, scented soap, and a Culver’s gift card.

Sunday after Mass we were joined at brunch by a guy who designs bridges for a living. What a cool job! We had a very relaxed afternoon; I took a long nap while Travalon watched football. In the evening Mamastep hosted a Downton Abbey party for the season premiere. I have never actually watched the show before, so people had to keep explaining to me who characters were. Travalon is quite a fan, and he was also the only man present. We had Cornish game hens with root vegetables and green beans almandine for dinner, then during the show we had crème brulee, tea, and shortbread. It was so much fun! Maybe now I’ll have to start watching the show.

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