Friday, January 30, 2015

Other People's Hawaii Trips

Last night a woman from my choir and her husband had Travalon and me over for dinner. She made curry chicken with orange sauce and cream of broccoli soup. Yum! Then we watched the video of their helicopter trip over Kauai, since Travalon and I will be visiting there in March. We are also going to Maui, and of course Oahu, since that’s where the wedding is happening, but we don’t have time to hit the Big Island. This couple had been to the Big Island, and they showed us photos of a beautiful botanical garden there, as well as volcanic flows that looked like a wasteland. Hawaii looks really beautiful, and there is another botanical garden on Kauai, so hopefully we get a chance to visit that. Tiffy has been to Maui, and she recommended the Seven Sacred Pools of ‘Ohe’o. The couple we visited last night did visit that, but they couldn’t go in them because there had been too much rain. It sounds like Hawaii is a very rainy place – there’s a mountain on Kauai that is supposed to be the rainiest spot on earth! But they say Seattle is very rainy, and the whole week I was there, it was sunny and warm, so maybe I scare away rain. My big question before this trip is whether it is worth trying to get my cheap little digital camera fixed, or if I should just get a new one. I’d hate not to have one at all. Travalon needs his camera fixed too – Ireland must have really done a number on our cameras! And you know what it was, at least in my case? Rain!

Famous Hat

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