Monday, June 22, 2015

Celebrating the Solstice

Friday night there was another free dance on the roof of the Monona Terrace, and I had plans to attend with Jilly Moose and OK Cap, but first we went to an outdoor fish fry with Travalon, Richard Bonomo, Cecil Markovitch, the Single B-Boy, Twins Fan, Trinidad Cap, and his girlfriend. We had so much fun that we never did get to the dance. Cecil and Twins Fan are like a comedy duo when you get them together.

Saturday Travalon and I got on the road early with Rodney to drive to Rooster for my nephew’s high school graduation party. Once at the party, Travalon and Pa Hat disappeared to walk Rodney, and I ended up listening to my brother’s fascinating but not entirely accurate ideas about theology. He is apparently a Theist, believing that God set the universe in motion but then has no hand in the affairs of mankind. My nephew’s boss catered the event, and the spicy shrimp and pulled pork were so good, plus there was a ton of fresh fruit. Travalon and I stayed most of the afternoon, then we hopped onto Highway 14 and decided to follow it back home, like we had followed Highway 12 the weekend before. We stopped at a Minnesota State Park called Great River Bluffs and hiked to an overlook from which you could see all sorts of islands in the Mississippi River, and lots of other bluffs. Of course I’d forgotten my camera in the car, but Travalon did get some shots on his cell phone, if we can ever figure out how to get them from there to the computer. We stopped for dinner at an old-fashioned A&W and then for a beer in Jilly Moose’s hometown of Richland Center. Highway 14 is a very beautiful drive, hilly all the way back to Madtown.

Yesterday my band played twice at Make Music Madison, which is an all-day event to celebrate the Solstice. They have them all over the country, and ours is second only to New York City’s for the number of acts performing. Anyone can perform music, as long as it is free and outside. For this special occasion, I used the pick Paul Stanley threw to me at the KISS concert I went to with Travalon. Our first performance was at our leader’s church, and there was quite a crowd listening to us. Someone passed a bucket, so we each got $2 in tips. The second venue was not nearly as well organized, and we were the first group, so nobody was there to watch us. We also had to rearrange things so we weren’t playing right in the sun. Two people showed up just as we got ready to play, so at least we had an audience… and it grew to a respectable size as we kept playing for an hour. Travalon and I continued to celebrate the Solstice by having dinner on the roof of the Monona Terrace, an excellent spot to watch the last rays of light linger. Finally it grew dark, so we bid the longest day adieu and headed home.

Good news – I had an offer on my condo! I have accepted it, so hopefully very soon my condo will be sold!

Famous Hat


Richard Bonomo said...

Do you mean your brother is a "Deist?"

Famous Hat said...

Maybe... But it's worth being wrong to get a comment!