Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Rolling Stones

One thing I forgot to mention about Make Music Madison: the group ahead of us did “Earth Angel,” only the lead singer was in the key of D, while the guitars and backup vocals were in the key of G. It was so awful that it was kind of awesome.

Tuesday night Travalon and I drove to Milwaukee to see the Rolling Stones. We stopped for dinner at a very slow seafood place, so we missed half of the opening act, Buddy Guy. The Stones look ancient (as Rich said, “Aren’t they 96 years old?”), but they still have a lot of energy. My favorite numbers were “Gimme Shelter” and a song they did with Buddy Guy, “Champagne and Reefer.”

We stayed over at the hotel where Travalon used to work, and yesterday I took the day off of work so we could hang out in Milwaukee. The hotel has a beautiful atrium full of tropical plants, and I felt like I was on a cruise ship as we swam in the pool. It really felt like a vacation. Next we drove to the Marquette University campus and checked out their Joan of Arc chapel, a medieval chapel brought over from France. Don’t worry, I took photos. In the Union we found a rosary missing the very part Travalon had found a few months ago at work, so I have put them together to create a not-too-aesthetically pleasing rosary, still missing a few beads. We took a walk along the lakeshore and then took a boat ride down the river with a guide telling us about the history of the city. We even went out into the harbor, where you could hear the music from Summerfest very clearly. Because the interstate is a mess with road construction, we took back roads partway home and stopped for dinner at a British Isles-themed restaurant called Revere’s in Delafield. They were going to have a bluegrass jam there later that evening, but I did not have any instruments along with me. When we got home, we took Rodney on a long walk to make up for neglecting him for 24 hours. Even Cashmere seemed happy to see us.

Famous Hat

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