Friday, June 19, 2015

Fun with Siri

I have a “dumb” phone, one of those old flip phones where you pay as you go, and I turned off Autocorrect on it so it never makes amusing mistakes when I text. Some of my friends have the iPhone with Siri, and when they use talk to text, she comes up with some interesting interpretations. Just last night Rich sent me a text message that appeared to be in code: “Via Siri 20 for Whitneyway onto University now.” I knew he was coming up a road called Whitney Way and would then turn onto one called University Avenue to get to the health club, so I kind of figured that’s what this text meant. He added “Via Siri” so I would know he was doing voice to text, and I don’t know why Siri made Whitneyway all one word, but the funniest thing she did, in my opinion, was change “turning from” to “20 for.” Last week Luxuli, Rich, and I were trying to find out if a restaurant called the Nau-Ti-Gal was still open after 10 pm, and Siri had a lot of trouble with that name. She said she couldn’t find any restaurant called the Naughty Dog or the Nudie Girl. The best part is that Siri speaks, in a feminine voice, so she tells you out loud, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t find any restaurant called the Nudie Girl.” It almost makes me wish I had a smart phone, just so I could have fun with Siri too.

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