Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Eek! Dead Mouse!

Years ago I had a boss who was wildly unpopular, and one day she sent an email to all of us that said: “WHO left the dead mouse on my desk?” We immediately all thought it was some sort of Godfather scene, only with a deceased rodent instead of a horse head because, let’s face it, plenty of us would have loved to send her such a message. Just a few moments later we all got an email clarifying that she meant a computer mouse, so we all had a good laugh about that. I was reminded of this incident when last night I texted Richard Bonomo that Travalon and I were at a superstore buying a mouse. Rich said, “A mouse?” and I explained that Travalon’s mouse was not working very well, because the red light on the bottom goes out intermittently and then the cursor freezes up. He responded, “Oh, a computer mouse! For some reason I thought you meant a rodent!” Which is not nearly as funny as the first story, since shopping for a rodent doesn’t have the narrative punch of leaving a dead rodent on the desk of a massively disliked supervisor, but it still seemed worth blogging about.

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