Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Slow Food Bonomo

Last night was another round of Slow Food Bonomo. Handy Woman dug up a couple of redbuds growing in Rich’s front yard, because he has no use for them and she wants redbuds. We did move one to the backyard a couple of years ago, and now it is a small tree that gets lovely purple flowers in the spring. A neighbor must have one nearby, because little seedlings keep popping up in Rich’s front yard, under the pine tree, where they won’t have a happy life – too much shade. Handy Woman had baked delicious bread for the Slow Food dinner, and the other two regulars made salads. One was an amazing curry quinoa salad. It turns out one regular just had a birthday, and the other will have one Friday, so we joked that it was a joint birthday party for them. Kathbert picked black raspberries from Rich’s garden, and we put them in the Moscato that Jilly Moose brought. Prairie Man joined us, and Luxuli came a little later and made sauce for the pork roast Rich had cooked.

The Single B-Boy came too, because he is going on a hiking trip with Rich, Handy Woman, and another of the Slow Food ladies in August, but they didn’t really discuss the trip. It will be to Isle Royale, should any of my readers be interested in joining. Me personally, I have no interest in hiking for five days with a 50-pound pack on my back. Perhaps I should cultivate an interest, if I ever hope to complete the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage, as has been my goal for many years. I always said I’d do it after my student loans were paid off, and they have been paid off for years, but somehow I have never actually made the pilgrimage. My friend Ethel recently did, with her oldest brother. She is 17 years younger than her brother, so this gave them a chance to actually get to know each other. They left spouses and kids at home. Ethel did give me a tiny incense thurible thing modeled on the giant one in Santiago de Compostela; I think it’s just a model and not fully functional. I haven’t actually tried to use it.

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