Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Big Plant in My Office

A coworker of mine recently brought some plants in to work, including two large dumb canes, and a couple of other coworkers chopped one up and are trying to root new plants from it. I took the intact one and put it in my office, right by the door, but every time I walked by, it gave me an electric shock. Also, I kept thinking someone was standing in the doorway when I saw it out of the corner of my eye, since it is about the height of a tall person. One coworker was concerned that it wouldn’t get enough sun across the office from the window, so she suggested that I move it to a nook between my desk and a file cabinet. This brings it much closer to the window and also means I don’t brush against it and get shocked every time I go into or out of my office. It also doesn’t make me think someone is watching me, since a person could be lurking in my doorway, but nobody ever stood in that nook. Besides, when I am at my desk the plant is right in my view and not in my peripheral vision, so I would never mistake it for a human being. It gives the office a wonderful jungle feeling, and maybe it even cleans the air. They say keeping plants in your office helps clean the air, so it stands to reason that a very large one would clean the air more. Who needs an air purifier when you have a giant plant?

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