Friday, January 13, 2017

What Should I Name My Snowman?

I used to be so quick to name everything – and I mean everything, longtime blog readers will remember my paper shredder named Shiva after the Hindu god of destruction – but Travalon noted that I had not named either the barista bear or the snowman prominently featured two posts ago. He suggested Angie for the bear, after our favorite barista at the coffee place downtown, and I was amenable to that. However, when he suggested Ralph for the snowman, I wasn’t sure it fit. Jilly Moose suggested Frank, but that didn’t seem right either. Travalon tossed out Fred, but I still wasn’t feeling it. I asked Rich if he had any opinion about all this, and to my surprise he asked Twins Fan, who I wouldn’t have thought would care about a sock snowman, but he provided the best suggestion to date: Sven. I am tentatively calling the snowman that, but if I get an even better suggestion from a reader, I will entertain the notion. After all, Kathbert hasn’t weighed in yet, and we all know she wins every contest I have on this blog! So I put it to my faithful readers: what should the little sock snowman who is so happy about his giant lollipop be called?

Famous Hat

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