Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mr. Icon's Birthday Party

Mr. Icon is visiting from Alaska, and last night Rich had some people over for cake and ice cream to celebrate his birthday. How lame am I? I didn’t give him anything, and he gave me two hand-knitted rainbow potholders made by the little old ladies up in Alaska who knit all the time. They also made the spiral winter hats that I often wear. I do get a lot of compliments on those hats. Mr. Icon had lots of great stories about Alaska; for example, he has been to Barrow, up on the north coast, and he says it is just a giant, dirty trailer park but expensive because so many tourists go there. He also had lots of cool pictures of his home on Kodiak. He is supposedly in town for another week, so watch this space for more Mr. Icon stories/pithy sayings. (He had some really funny lines last night, but right now I can’t remember any of them.) If we ever get back to Alaska, we’ll have to go visit him on Kodiak. It sure is beautiful.

The other evening Travalon was watching something on TV about King Henry VIII divorcing his first wife, and I wasn’t paying too much attention, but I perked up when they began playing “Praeter Rerum” by Josquin Des Prez in the background. This struck me as really weird because the song is a) French, b) quite a bit earlier (I think), and c) a Christmas song, so what has it got to do with a British king’s divorce? When I mentioned it to Lute Player, she said that was probably a TV show that is so renowned for its historical inaccuracy that there is a whole website devoted to its errors. However, Travalon did not remember it being that particular show, so maybe there are a whole slew (a great word, from Irish) of shows about the Tudors just bursting with historical inaccuracies. Or maybe King Henry VIII, who I understand was a real Francophile, would have listened to a lot of Josquin, and maybe he got divorced around Christmastime. I guess it’s possible that the piece was related to the story.

Famous Hat

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