Thursday, January 26, 2017

Chinese New Year Celebration

Today the university where I work had a Chinese New Year celebration, although the actual day is Saturday. They had a Hmong New Year celebration a couple of months ago, and that was pretty successful. I went to it, and the room was full. However, this one was such a success that it was almost a disaster – three times as many people showed up as they were expecting, at least, and they had to take down a movable wall to allow people to sit down. The line for food went on forever. I wore red, having had a vague impression that this was good luck on Chinese New Year – and I was right! The speaker commended all of us who wore red. The food was cheese and fruit and pretzels, nothing particularly Chinese, but the presentation was very interesting. The speaker talked about how all the traditional New Year food is symbolic because it looks like something else lucky, like dumplings that resemble the full moon or money purses, and how they eat fish because the word for fish is the same (except for the tones) as the word for abundance. Then another woman sang a song in Mandarin. I walked there and back, since the temperature was pretty reasonable for this time of year. There was a tiny sprinkling of snow, and one of the organizers told me she thought that would scare people away, but that was definitely not a problem! I wish all my readers good health and great luck during this year of the Fire Rooster.

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