Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Photos of Art, Birthdays, and a Protest

Time for another pictorial post! First is a shot of Travalon at the cigar bar:

These are a couple of shots from my birthday dinner with Tiffy and Rich. First is a shot of the flight of chartreuse, and second is my dessert with a candle. I did actually end up trading desserts with Tiffy, so she ate this.

This is a gentleman from the protest on Saturday:

Here are two shots from Mamastep's birthday. First is Travalon holding her present, since I thought the shop wrapped it so prettily. Second is Mamastep's birthday cake - can you tell she is into steampunk?

Finally, here are the masterpieces we created at Fired Up. During our first trip, Jilly Moose painted the moose she named Maxwell and also created the frame to hold a picture of her baby niece and nephew.

And here are the bowl and pendant she made during our most recent trip.

Tiffy made this spoon holder. To me, it has a kind of "feng shui" feel to it.

I made this soap dish and star ornament. I love Fired Up! If I could afford it, I would make something there every week!

Famous Hat

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