Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dinner with a Baby

Tuesday night we did not have Irish class, because the other student had a bad cold, so I was able to go to Light Bright’s house for dinner earlier than usual. (We always get together on Tuesdays, so I usually cannot make it there before 7:30.) This time I got there around 5:30, and her little boy was still awake. He is so cute! He is fourteen months old now, which is an adorable age. I will admit to not being a big infant person, but toddlers are my weakness. Now his personality is starting to come out, and guess what? It’s sunny just like Mom’s! He is a very cheerful little boy and not as grabby as some kids his age. He also loves music, so after dinner Light Bright played the guitar while we (she, I, and her mother-in-law who helps take care of the baby) sang children’s songs, much to his delight. I always hated records of kids’ music, on which they always seem to think it is so cute to have a bunch of out-of-tune tots wail along, but when three fairly musically competent adults sing the music, its simplicity is beautiful. Of course, maybe Corban is an exceptionally fun baby to be around, since his mother is the same way. All I can say is that it was so great to spend an evening with a little one!

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