Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Christmas Photos Post

It has been a while since I posted any photos, so here is another pictorial blog post. These are mostly Christmas photos. First is a Christmas cactus blooming in my office that came from some pieces my coworker trimmed off of her plant and threw in the compost bucket. I planted them and lo and behold, this one survived and got big enough to bloom!

This is a box someone discarded by the sidewalk, and I thought it looked like a surprised face.

Here is how a coworker decorated his office for Christmas. I love it!

Here is the little barista bear Travalon gave me for Christmas. Isn't she cute?

The tree at the State Capitol is always beautiful.

Remember the little snowman I made at the Chazen Museum last month? Here is a picture.

And this is a lollipop ornament I liked, so I took a picture of it. Then Travalon bought it for me!

The snowman and the lollipop look like they were made to go together!

These next photos are from two light festivals in town; the first three are from the Olin Park Festival of Lights, and the bison, red panda, and alligator are from the zoo light festival.

These last two photos are of the art projects I did with Jilly Moose last week at Fired Up Pottery. The first one is a lop-eared rabbit just like Charlie playing the mandolin, and the second one is a sun catcher I made of fused glass with a bone and a paw print to symbolize Rodney the Poodle and of course the Packer G and the Wisconsin W for the Badgers because Travalon and I love sports.

Famous Hat

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