Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cat Art

My office mate Light Bright plays in a country band that gets way more gigs than my band; for example, they played at the Willy Street Fair on Sunday. The leader of the band has a cat named Dave, and when Dave got done with his food, he had left some art in the bowl. Check it out.

Famous Hat


Hardingfele said...

Well gosh, I would have daily cat art from 4 bowls, twice over

Reason I no longer comment, is because I get some crapass word that is nonsense in letters that are barely recognizeable and it asks me to do this even though I have a google account and after every comment. I screw it up about 3 times before i get it right. You would think once would be sufficient. So honestly out of principle, I refuse to use this blog software

Famous Hat said...

I like your comment about not commenting.

Famous Hat said...

PS - Send me pictures of your cat art, and I will happily post it if it actually looks like anything.