Monday, September 17, 2012

Stream Crossing Adventure

Yesterday Da Guy and I went to Parfry’s Glen for a hike. This is a beautiful glen that used to have a wooden walkway leading to a small waterfall, but some flooding had washed out the walkway. I vaguely remembered hearing about that but thought surely they had repaired the walkway since then. We headed out on the trail, admiring the beautiful day and the lovely foliage around us. There was an area to the side that was blocked off, but otherwise things looked fine. Then we came upon a group of hikers who ominously told us if we were looking for a good hike, then we had come to the right place. We asked what they meant, and they said there were slippery rocks ahead. We went on ahead and sure enough, we had to cross the stream on some slippery rocks. Thinking maybe that was the worst of it, we continued on, over tree roots and large rocks, until having to cross back over the stream again. That was a little annoying – why cross it in the first place? – but we gamely crossed the stream… only to find that the trail petered out right after that. There was no good way to go any further, and we were still not that close to the waterfall. We looked around and decided there was no good way to get there, so we would just have to head back, crossing back over the stream two more times. Guess we got our practice in crossing streams!

Famous Hat

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