Friday, September 21, 2012

No-Cash Machine

Today I went, as is my wont, to the cash machine downstairs by the cafeteria to get some cash for the weekend. I tried to get $20 in fast cash, doing the transaction in Spanish just to add some interest to life, and the cash machine told me this transaction was unavailable. Thinking maybe it was unavailable in Spanish, I tried it in English and got the same message. So maybe there was a problem with the Fast Cash transaction; I would just try to do a regular withdrawal from my checking account. To my surprise, this transaction was also not available. So basically the cash machine is unable to give out cash? Isn’t that kind of its purpose? I can’t imagine if I didn’t want to coordinate things anymore that I would still have a job, so I’d like to know what a cash machine that refuses to give cash is still doing here.  And no, it’s not because of my account, since online it says I have enough to spare $20.

Famous Hat

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