Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Today Toque McToque and I were trying to remember how long we had worked at our jobs, and she said she had started on November 17thish. I said Thish was a great word, what should it mean? And she said it could mean sometime around the time, date, or even place of an event, e.g., “Where was the party? Somewhere near Willythish Street."

Me: We should get people to use that!

Toque: That would be excellent!

Me: Or at least excellenthish.

Then I had my usual question: what to blog about today? I was thinking of blogging about how Light Bright and I are not effusive, since we are both Earth signs, but Toque pointed out that she is a Water sign and is not effusive.

Me: That’s because Scorpios have so much self-control. Earth signs are just not effusive.

Toque: Fascinating.

Me: She said, as if she didn’t think it was at all.

Toque: Bahahahahaha!

Me: Am I right?

Toque: Pleading the 5thish.  

Both Toque and Light Bright said I should blog about Thish, and I thought that was a brillianthish idea. It is sort of a linguisticthish topic and more interesting than my Capricornthish tendencies.

Famousthish Hat

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