Thursday, September 6, 2012

Spin Cycle Groove

My office mate Light Bright is a little bit country and I’m a little bit hip hop, so we compromise by listening to things like Public Radio, since we both like classical music. Light Bright discovered the University radio station, which plays everything, not all of it good. Today they played a song that literally went on for an hour and sounded like the spin cycle of a washing machine. Light Bright said she didn’t appreciate that her washing machine was a recording star behind her back, and I said, “At least it’s not stealing your material!” She said, “No, it fabricated its own.”

(Image stolen from The Wurst Years blog.)

Famous Hat


casmith24 said...

The University station at the U of Michigan was famous for doing things like playing birdcall records for hours and hours. This is really entertaining if you are abusing substances while you listen (or while you DJ) but otherwise -- no.

Check out Ancient FM online for the really good stuff!

Famous Hat said...

Thanks for the link. We will have to check it out. Today we are listening to Baroque music on