Monday, September 10, 2012

Romantic Yet Scary Dinner

Saturday I had a very exciting dinner. Da Guy and I went on a long, romantic walk with his 13-year-old miniature poodle, and we ended up by the lake. I saw a sailing addict I know by the boat docks, so I asked if he was going sailing, hoping maybe Da Guy and I (and the dog) could catch a ride on his sailboat. He said, no, they were clearing the lake because a storm was moving in. So Da Guy and I were thinking of where to go for dinner, since we had to sit outside with the dog but we didn’t want to sit in the rain. We walked down the street and saw some seating for a Japanese restaurant on a covered balcony, so we decided to go there. At first everything was wonderful and romantic, eating Japanese food and watching the rain gently fall, but then it grew windy and the rain lashed at us, so everyone else on the balcony went inside. We moved as close to the wall as we could and were mostly out of the rain, but then we saw lightning and I said, “Is that safe, when we are sitting on metal chairs at a metal table?” Fortunately, the storm quickly passed without us getting as fried as the tempura we were enjoying. (The dog got to enjoy some too.) When I told my office mate Light Bright the story this morning, she said, “That’s good! Danger strengthens the emotional bond between people.”

Famous Hat


Hardingfele said...

But in Paris you would have had no trouble bringing le chien inside. Not so in WI

Famous Hat said...

I know, things are so much more civilized over there.