Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Terrible Call

All anyone can talk about around here, no big surprise, is the terrible call that lost the Packers the game last night. I actually went to bed early and missed the controversial play, but it sounds like everyone agrees that Jennings had the ball, not Tate. Apparently this is happening because the regular referees are in some kind of contract dispute with the NFL, so there are substitutes and they have no idea what they are doing. Maybe if we all stop watching football until this contract dispute is resolved, that will finally make the NFL team owners pay attention. The referees are angry about changes to their retirement system. As a state worker, I can totally relate!

Famous Hat


Hardingfele said...

Our governor, let's call him the Walking Scott, tweeted that the unionized refs should be brought back as they are better qualified. Pretty disingenuous of him, considering his policies towards a certain segment of unionized public employees.

Richard Bonomo said...

They are private sector.

Famous Hat said...

I don't think he's too keen on most private sector unions either.