Sunday, September 23, 2012

No-Cash Machine Through Japanese and Back

Richard Bonomo has a houseguest from Japan, and he translated my blog into Japanese using Google Translate for him. His houseguest was laughing and said the translation did not really make sense, so we used Google to re-translate it into English, and this is what we got:

Today, the downstairs of Cash Machine, I, is my habit automated teller in the dining room in order to get some cash for the weekend, I've been doing. Doing trading in Spanish, to add some interest to life, just I was trying to get the $ 20 in cash fast, I automated teller machine, the transaction could not be used I said to myself. Given that that was not available in Spanish, I have tried it in English, it is probably the same message is displayed. There was a problem with the trade fast cash, maybe I'd try to periodically withdraw from my checking account just so. To my surprise, I could not even deal. So, why do not you be able to hand out cash in automated teller machine basically? Is there something like that purpose? If you do not want to adjust things anymore, it must work yet so I can not imagine, I refuse to give cash, I Cash Machine here yet automated teller I'd like to know what you are on. Because it says I have to have the $ 20 to spare enough, no online and it is not an account of me.

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