Friday, September 7, 2012

Cat Invasion

Here is a “mildly amusing” story Rich told us yesterday. It is about a cat so some of my readers (e.g., Hardingfele, Toque McToque, Banjo Player) should appreciate it. I will let him tell it in his own inimitable words:

"When I opened the garage door to get my bicycle out when leaving for work this AM, the new orange-ish cat in the neighborhood promptly walked in, and then went into the house proper and proceeded to inspect the first floor before leaving out the front door (which departure required some encouragement from me..)."

Kathbert said, “It probably sensed your love of meat and milk.” 

Another person said, “I would consider it a compliment. Cats have good taste.” 

To which I replied, “But I hear they don’t taste good.” That seemed to end the email conversation.

Famous Hat


casmith24 said...

When I lived in Ann Arbor with 2 much loved cats, long deceased at this point ... they used to have friends over. My apartment was the first floor of an old house and there was a loose screen on one window. I would regularly come home and find more cats than I actually owned. I was not too worried about this because (a) I love cats and (b) my own two cats were spayed, so clearly their friends were attracted by their personality, intellect, etc.

Famous Hat said...

Glad to hear your cats were loved for themselves.

Hardingfele said...

Interesting. Maybe this is a stray. I would at least try to find the owner and if not, take it to the humane society or perhaps it is asking Rich to be the owner. Cats do that, you know. Is it skinny? Can he feed it?

Famous Hat said...

Rich says the owners live two doors down from him so this cat is just exploring, not begging for a home.