Monday, October 13, 2014

Multilingual Hike at Devil's Lake

I hope my 5.6 regular readers had a great weekend. Mine started out Friday evening with a concert put on by Miss Heartsong, which I attended with Kathbert and Luxuli. It was mostly cabaret-style music accompanied by a piano, but she did a couple of Appalachian folk songs accompanied by a violist who plays in the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and they were very haunting. This was at a Lutheran church, and afterwards they had bars – as in the kind you eat, not the kind you visit for a drink.

Saturday morning Travalon and I met the Rosary Ladies at Moka Coffee House, then we all drove out to Sauk City and went to a Mexican restaurant there for lunch. Luxuli and OK Cap headed back home, but Travalon, Jilly Moose, Rodney, and I went to Devil’s Lake for a hike. It was beautiful there with the earth tone leaves contrasting with the blue-gray rocks, but it was also packed. It was like the UN, there were so many different languages being spoken: I identified Spanish and Russian and heard a number of others. We also saw lots of dogs, including the teeniest chihuahua ever named Luna. Then we drove back to town and invited whoever was around to Jerkins for dinner. Richard Bonomo came right away, then Hardingfele came and got everyone to buy pastries to support her daughter Rockstar Tailor’s trip out to Washington DC later this school year. Luxuli and Prairie Man arrived after that, and Catzookz and Twins Fan even put in an appearance. It was a really fun evening considering the short notice!

Yesterday after Mass, Travalon and I joined Luxuli, Prairie Man, and many of our choir members at the Come Back Inn for brunch, then we went home and watched that exciting Packers game. That was the first time Aaron Rodgers won in Miami, and the outcome was far from certain until the very end of the game. The announcers kept saying Rodgers was channeling Dan Marino. It had been a nice day, but when we took Rodney to the dog park after the game, it was cold and a little bit drizzly. We went to a show my coworker Handy Woman recommended called Once, about a musician in Ireland who is encouraged by a Czech lady, and how they start to fall in love despite the forces keeping them apart. Spoiler alert: it had a bittersweet ending, since it was based on a true story and real life doesn’t always work out the way you’d like it to. That’s the plus about believing in God – you have someone to thank profusely when it does!

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