Monday, October 27, 2014

Return to Rib Mountain

It is a beautiful day out, and unfortunately I’ve had to spend it inside. Fortunately, I spent most of this weekend outside, except Friday night. A bunch of us went to hear the Westminster Abbey choir perform at the Overture Center, then Cecil Markovitch, Kathbert, Mr. N’Awlins, Luxuli, Prairie Man, The Dairyman’s Daughter, Richard Bonomo, and I went to a new Italian restaurant nearby for drinks and dessert. Meanwhile, Travalon was watching high school football, so he got to enjoy the beautiful weather. Saturday he and I went to Wausau and climbed the top half of Rib Mountain, then we hiked all over the top. As my longtime readers may be aware, this is the location of the photo of Famous Hat on this very blog, and I hadn't been back since so it was wonderful to return. We had Rodney with us, and he had no trouble keeping up. Then we went to Merrill and yet another tavern in the book, as well as Council Grounds State Park, a beautiful park set along the river. We even went to the Great Dane in Wausau, and I had a salad and a side of broccoli for dinner. Our waitress probably thought I was super healthy, but she didn’t know about the pumpkin malt and half a blueberry pastry right before that!

Sunday was National Pumpkin Day, so Travalon and I had pumpkin pancakes at brunch, then we got pumpkin lattes before heading out to hike on the Ice Age Trail with Rodney. After hiking we went to the dog park so Rodney could hang out with other dogs, like a pitbull who is even older than he is and a lab/golden retriever mix with thyroid issues. The cute little Westie wasn’t there that day. We went to the café at Barnes and Nobles and split a slice of pumpkin cheesecake and a pumpkin cupcake, and then we went to Rich’s house for a healthy dinner of chicken and peppers over brown rice and spaghetti squash. There was dessert, but it contained chocolate, not pumpkin. I did have pumpkin spice tea to wash it down. We watched the game, and the first half was close, but then the Packers fell apart. At least they lost to the Saints (my second favorite team) and not the Bears. That would have been tragic.

Just wanted to note that Travalon thought of the title for this blog post. His other suggestion was Woolly Bear Weekend, because we saw five woolly bears, including one on our garage. They all seemed to suggest it will be an average winter.

Famous Hat

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