Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Decorative Gourd Season on McSweeney's

My horrible former job seemed to inspire me to creative heights. Is being unhappy conducive to creativity? And everyone else seems so much more creative than I currently am, like the people who write for McSweeney’s. Check out this poetry joke I shamelessly stole off their website:

Milton, Homer, and Borges walk into a bar. Milton says, “What the f—k is this bar doing here?”

That one made me laugh so hard that a coworker asked what was going on. Of course, maybe that joke is only funny if you know they are all blind poets, so it could be lost on a lot of people. McSweeney’s most popular post is one called: “It’s Decorative Gourd Season, Motherf—kers,” a title so amazing that they now sell mugs emblazoned with it. My most popular post is “Spamarama,” a post about some spam Hardingfele received, and her response to it. Considering that almost the entire post was written by a spammer and Hardingfele, it doesn’t make me feel like people are appreciating my writing, but then my writing is not as good as the stuff on McSweeney’s. Could it be because I am so easily distracted? Hold on – I just got a text from Travalon:

ALERT: Pumpkin Pecan, flavor of the day at Culvers.

Sorry, I have to go. We can continue this discussion later.

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