Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Professor

I don’t have anything to interesting to say today, so I’ll just relate a little anecdote from Saturday night. Rich wondered what Jilly Moose, Travalon, and I were up to, so we debated going to his house or having him come over to our condo for dinner. Then Travalon thought since we were already in the parking lot of Jerkins (Jilly Moose parked there since it is right next to Moka), we could go to dinner there. I was in favor of this, since Jerkins has a healthy menu… though of course I did not order off of it. So I called Rich back and said plans had finally been definitively made, we were going to have dinner at Jerkins, and could he bring the Professor? I didn’t think there was anything strange about this request until I asked if he had watered the other plants, and Travalon started laughing. “I forgot the Professor was a plant!” he said. “I thought you were telling Rich to bring some guy!” I asked if he were disappointed that the Professor was floral and not academic, but he said he was relieved not to have to converse with someone he didn’t know. Now that the Professor has come to live with us, only Greg remains at Rich’s house (at Rich’s request), with some old poinsettias, Yuri the Hibiscus, and a plant that used to belong to Mo-Girl. I’ll probably still be on watering duty since Rich won’t remember to do it…

Famous Hat