Friday, October 17, 2014

The Movin' Out Blues

Sorry for the lack of blogging yesterday, but I was at my old condo, trying really hard to get it emptied out. I did not succeed in that venture, and because people have expressed so much delight in my silly poems, I figured it was high time to get creative again while explaining why not. This is called “The Movin’ Out Blues.”

Got so much stuff left
In my old crib
Like a broken plant cart
And a Chinese bib.
I’m making three piles:
St. Vinny’s, trash, and keep,
But the first two are small,
And the last one is deep.
Can’t get rid of that sweater,
Ma Hat
Made that.
Can’t get rid of this screw,
Who knows
Where it goes?
And this key?
Well, you see,
It might open some door
That I need to
Get into,
Or maybe not anymore.
See this pile of discs?
They all have to stay,
Which one holds my novel?
Right now I can’t say.
This little stuffed frog
Was given to me
By a person who’s gone
To the Great Beyond,
So I’m sure you can see
Why it stays in my pond.
What can I get rid of?
What can I let go?
Moving out would be simple
If I just learned to say No!

Famous Hat

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