Monday, October 20, 2014

Way Too Much Sugar

Happy Monday! Friday night I brought quinoa burgers to Rich’s house, and Kathbert and Jilly Moose joined us for dinner. We sat around discussing the children’s book they all say I should write, about Sydney the Red Blood Cell and her adventures with the various types of white blood cells. Jilly Moose helpfully looked them up for us, and Kathbert said if I could write a book that explains in simple language what each type of white blood cell does, children wouldn’t be the only ones reading it. Eventually Travalon and Rodney joined us because the high school football game they were watching was very lopsided and not interesting enough to watch in the cold. Rodney had just had his hair cut by a new groomer, and she gave him kind of a traditional froo-froo poodle cut. It looks funny on Rodney, who is such a man’s dog, but he seemed pleased with it, since his fur is now out of his eyes. He has very poofy ears and tail now, but at least he doesn’t have the poofs around his paws and on top of his head.

Saturday Travalon and I met with OK Cap and Jilly Moose for coffee, then the ladies came back to our place to pray a rosary. Travalon and I went on a ride with Rodney up by Lake Wisconsin to see the beautiful changing leaves, then we stopped into Capital Brewery for some seasonal beers. Dogs are allowed in the beer garden at Capital Brewery, so we like to go there with Rodney. Tiffy came to visit, and we went to dinner at a place Travalon had been wanting to try, a supper club up in Waunakee. They were very busy with a high school class reunion and an 80th birthday party, but we got seated and served right away. Back home Tiffy and I watched old, very un-PC cartoons on YouTube, as well as old clips of the Packers, like the game against the Bears in 1989 that inspired the saying: “After further review, the Bears still suck!” Tiffy pointed out that ever since she started working for her current employer, the Packers have beaten the Bears, so we wondered what would happen once she retires. Fortunately, that is many years down the road.

Yesterday at brunch we had a birthday party for someone who has never been mentioned on this blog. Did you watch the Pack demolish the Panthers? We weren’t expecting that! We thought it would be a close game. Then Tiffy and I went to a Baroque music concert and afterwards took a walk to Macha Tea House, where they gave us free cupcakes and sold us a bunch more at a discount. I brought them to Rich’s house for the birthday party for Kathbert and the single B-Boy; the Dairyman’s Daughter, Cecil Markovitch, Travalon, Miss Heartsong, the OTHER choir director, and the married B-Boy (but not his wife and daughter) also came and enjoyed Rich’s justly famous lasagna and Miss Heartsong’s delicious Greek salad. (She forgot the tomatoes, but you can bet I didn’t complain about that!) Luxuli and Prairie Man came for dessert, which was the Macha Tea House cupcakes and a black magic cake. I had waaay too much sugar yesterday! Guess I better not eat any more this week.

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Travalon said...

Supper club is Rex's Innkeeper. Kind of pricey but very menu selection- excellent duck..

Travalon said...

Very nice menu selection.