Monday, May 18, 2015

A-Fooze Weekend

A-Fooze is in town with her mother, father, and sister, and it has been so wonderful hanging out with them this past weekend. Friday night Travalon, Jilly Moose, and I drove to the Dorf Haus to join them and Richard Bonomo (who is hosting them) for fish fry. Saturday Travalon and I took another walk across the isthmus, then he left for the Bunny Berigan Festival in Fox Lake, while I went to Rich’s house to join him, A-Fooze, her father, and Kathbert in a game of Frisbee. I brought Rodney the Poodle, and the grass and dandelions in the park by Rich’s house were as tall as he is! Rich made his famous lasagna for dinner, and Luxuli and Prairie Man joined us as well. We must have worn Rodney out, because he slept behind the couch all evening. Sunday after Mass a huge crowd of us went to brunch, then Travalon and I went fishing at a pond out near Cross Plains. Nothing was biting, but we did see two large trout apparently doing a mating dance right by the shore, so maybe all the fish had something on their minds other than food. We also went for a walk at Indian Lake. In the evening Rich had a big bunch over for dinner again: besides A-Fooze and her family, Kathbert, Cecil Markovitch, the single B-Boy, my OTHER choir director, and Rich’s neighbor were there, and Luxuli and Prairie Man came for dessert. Since Saturday had been Cecil’s birthday (but he and the B-Boy were in the air, returning from a trip to Italy), we surprised him with a cake, and Kathbert gave him drinking glasses with moustaches on them in honor of his own prominent moustache. A-Fooze’s parents were impressed with how many words of Hungarian Travalon has learned. Just wait until they have it on Duolingo – then he will be practically fluent! My own Irish ability has really benefitted from that app. Maybe he can Skype them and practice his Hungarian with actual native speakers.

Famous Hat


A-Fooze said...

It was so nice to see all of you too! I really miss you guys!!!!

Famous Hat said...

We miss you too!!!