Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Anniversary Celebration Part Two

I love this time of year. Handy Woman brought in lilacs, which make the whole office smell wonderful, and another coworker brought in purple-tinged lilies of the valley. I had no idea such a thing even existed! Last night Travalon and I had leftover lasagna that Rich had made for our anniversary party, and for dessert we had the two slices of cake we had frozen from our wedding, since they hadn’t been thawed the evening before. Then we were going to watch the DVD of our wedding, but the only copy we had left was Blu Ray, and we don’t own a Blu Ray player. We thought all four copies were DVDs, and we gave one copy to Ma and Pa Hat, one to Travalon’s mother, and one to Rich. Luckily Rich said we could go to his house to watch his copy. It was so great to watch it and relive that wonderful day; I know it’s a cliché, but it really was the happiest day of my life. I got a little teary watching us exchange vows, and I loved hearing the music again, especially Kathbert and Miss Heartsong singing “Dulcis Christe.” And I loved seeing all the people, remembering how many of them had come to wish us well as we began our lives together. Fortunately it was a glorious day and not cold and drizzly like it has been this year.

Tonight is my last Irish class of the semester. What will I do all summer? Probably Mandarin, but I haven’t registered for it yet. It would be Monday evenings, and we don’t have Slow Food during the summer, so it should work out. I’m just not sure I want homework during the summer.

Famous Hat

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